Virtual SSN Meeting “Embedding SEL for Academics and Antiracism”

Date: 10/21/2020 - Time: 1:00 am

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Professional Development Topic: “Embedding SEL for Academics and Antiracism”
Presenter: Dr. Maurice Elias
There is a difference between “doing” SEL and students’ internalizing SEL. For the latter, SEL is used to accomplish essential school learning goals; the goal is not simply to learn SEL. Internalization comes from intentionally embedding SEL into academic subject areas and into schools’ antiracism/equity efforts. This webinar will show how to embed SEL into language arts, social studies, visual and performing arts, and counseling/advisories, as well as how doing so can be further tailored to contribute to equity/antiracism in students. Following this approach will lead to improvements in all of the areas in which SEL is effectively and integrally embedded.

The topic and presenter will be determined soon. Please send any topics you would like to discuss and/or questions you have for other schools to Liz Warner