Virtual SSN Meeting “2021: A Year for Healing and Restoration”

Date: 01/25/2021 - Time:

SSN Meetings are free to attend and will be held from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Share with your colleagues!

As we prepare to enter a new year, we often reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the year ahead. These resolutions often focus on changing something about ourselves, achieving a personal goal or improving life in some way or another. But this is a year that is unique based on the events and circumstances that we endured in 2020 – events that divided us as a people, brought isolation to many and tragedy to others. So, now, more than ever, the concepts of unity, healing and restoration are critically important in our work with young people, their families and each other. As we ring in 2021, how can we “show up” in the space we inhabit in ways that bring others together, heal harm and restore relationships and trust? Restorative practices, in particular, community building circles, are a powerful tool that allow participants to connect to one another by uplifting our stories in ways that reaffirm our shared humanity. Join us at this month’s SSN – you’ll have the opportunity to participate in such a circle and experience what it feels like to share some of yourself with others and find pieces of your story in the stories of others.

Presented by: Stacey Alicea, Ph.D., MPH, Independent Consultant and Director of Early Learning Strategy at Newark Trust for Education