Virtual SSN Meeting “Compassion Fatigue: When the Distress of Others Becomes Contagious”

Date: 02/17/2021 - Time:

SSN Meetings are free to attend and will be held from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Share with your colleagues!

Compassion fatigue is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion often coupled with intrusive thoughts and feelings of ineffectiveness. It happens slowly over time when helping professionals are exposed to the traumatic stories of others. Education has always been a demanding field and the current circumstances have only exacerbated feelings of stress and anxiety. Learning about compassion fatigue is a protective factor and early detection can prevent symptoms from reaching incapacitating levels. Participants in this virtual session will explore the signs and symptoms of the onset of compassion fatigue and will explore various prevention strategies and techniques.

Presented by: Amy F. Moritz, M.Ed., Independent Consultant and Director of Marketing and Communications for the School Culture and Climate Initiative