School Culture and Climate Virtual Conference: Opportunities Born from Challenges

Date: 02/24/2021 - Time:

No one looks forward to the challenges that life throws our way. Yet, from those obstacles and challenges, we are transformed. We are stronger. We are braver. And often those challenges present us with new opportunities, if we take the time to seek them out and notice those that may be in disguise.

Join us for the School Culture and Climate Virtual Conference 2021: Opportunities Born from Challenges presented by the School Culture and Climate Initiative. 

This conference will be different than most. Our goal is to guide educators on the journey towards optimism while honoring the hardships that we have all endured. We are creating the time and space for learning but also for listening, exchanging new ideas, and inspiring you to act on those ideas. We will explore topics such as:

Sessions will be relevant and helpful to administrators, counselors, school psychologists, teachers and all who work with or on behalf of students and families. Our keynote speaker will turn your world “upside down” and introduce you to a new way of looking at yourself and others. Come prepared to be transformed, to share your ideas, to laugh with colleagues and ultimately, to be ready to start a learning revolution in your community.

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