SCAIP Virtual Professional Learning Community (May 16)

Date: 05/16/2024 - Time:

SCAIP PLC “Intentional Planning and Scheduling for Time” (Virtual)

All school levels in all stages of the School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process are encouraged to attend to have your questions answered and share insights with others while connecting in a dynamic professional learning community. For schools who have completed the process, this is an excellent opportunity to share how you are sustaining your work on school climate as well as an opportunity to mentor schools just beginning the process.
This virtual PLC is dedicated solely to schools that:
  • are just beginning to participate in the School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process
  • are currently in the middle of the School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process
  • or have completed the 3-year School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process
Share ideas, successes, solutions around intentional planning and scheduling for “time”. Finding and implementing time requires intentional conversation from the top down AND bottom up. The whole process is more effective when given the gift of time at any level!
During the meeting you will have the opportunity to:
  • Connect with other schools who are doing similar work
  • Brainstorm and hear from others how schools and school climate teams are making time for the super important work of school climate improvement
  • Identify topics for future brainstorms and gatherings
  • Brainstorm ideas for preparing for next year and setting the work up to succeed

Individual representatives or the entire culture and climate team are welcome to attend!

This is your meeting! It is intended to be interactive and for you to brainstorm with other schools in various stages of the process.