Custom School Year Support


These are unprecedented times and all districts and schools are struggling with the balance between protecting the health and welfare of students and staff and providing the best education possible.  We have long since known that students can only thrive and achieve academic success in engaging learning environments where every person within the school system feels valued, welcomed, respected, and heard. But is that possible this coming year when we may not even be in the same room as our students? 

We believe that connection and engagement are possible and that they can exist beyond the brick and mortar of the school walls. It may take a new approach, but we are committed to helping you with this challenge!

How We Support Schools

All of our services have always been customized to meet the needs of each school. This year, we are adapting to the circumstances and providing a one-year consulting package that is co-created based on the needs and priorities of the school and the available funds. This package can include:

  • A needs assessment to determine what services and supports are most crucial
  • Professional development planning and delivery (live or virtual) for some or all staff
  • Individualized or team coaching for select staff
  • Leadership support and guidance
  • Community outreach and support for parents and families
  • Assessments or other customized surveys to gauge progress and monitor effectiveness of programming

Let's build a partnership!

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