COVID Update

Our current pandemic has taken a huge global toll on humanity resulting in widespread anxiety and grief.  We have lost our ability to interact with others in person; we have lost financial security; and we have lost loved ones. For many children, the current situation has removed them from a classroom where they felt safe and secure and where they thrived because of a warm and nurturing school climate.  Our lives and our schools will never quite be the same as they were.  We now understand that school climate has to exist beyond the brick and mortar of the school walls and that social-emotional competencies, and the resilience that comes from those skills, are more important than ever.

National experts have claimed that schools must focus on social-emotional learning through a trauma-informed lens in order to have any chance of success re-introducing academics once schools resume.  What this focus actually looks like in practice will certainly vary from school to school. Our commitment to supporting schools is stronger than ever and we are here to help you figure out your re-entry plan and what your new “normal” can look like.

All of our services, which will continue to be customized to meet your needs, have been adapted and updated to be provided virtually. We will be creating additional tools during the upcoming months so please be sure to check back often. When schools reopen, we will continue to offer both in-school support as well as the virtual offerings detailed below.  

School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process

SCAIP is a three-year process that helps schools and community members better understand and strengthen their current culture and climate.

  • This journey involves several small group meetings and professional development sessions, all of which can now be offered virtually.
  • The School Culture and Climate Survey that is offered during the first and third years is available as an online survey and the data review can now be delivered virtually as well.
  • Even the SCAIP professional learning community, which was newly introduced in 2019, can bring people together virtually to share ideas and support one another.

School Climate Assessment Lab (Lab)

The Lab supports those schools going through SCAIP but can also support those who are interested in assessing their school climate but may not need the additional support available through the three-year improvement   process.  

  • All surveys are available online and in-person data review sessions can be offered virtually.

School Support Network (SSN)

The SSN is a professional learning community that meets monthly and brings together professionals working with students in grades Pre-K-12 for professional development and networking.  SSN meetings focus on building knowledge and skills for educators around issues related to school climate and social-emotional learning (SEL).  

Professional Development (PD)

Professional development is an integral part of our services and support for schools and districts. All of our PD topics support our commitment to improving a school’s culture and climate and integrating social-emotional learning in the classroom and schoolwide.

  • Workshops are delivered by our expert partners and can be delivered virtually with small or large groups.
  • Sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and the length of each session can be adjusted to fit your schedule.  

Examples of PD Sessions in Response to COVID-19:

  • Creating Safe Digital Learning Environments
  • Strategies to Increase Student Engagement and Sense of Belonging
  • Tips for Facilitating Effective Virtual Class Meetings
  • Self-Care Strategies for Educators
  • Reaching our Full Potential by Understanding our Stress Responses

Click here for a list of additional PD options

Teacher Coaching

The School Culture and Climate Initiative offers one-to one or small group coaching for teachers who are interested in honing their skills in incorporating social-emotional learning and creating positive climates in their classrooms.

  • Coaching sessions can be provided virtually until we are able to reconnect in person.

For questions about our virtual options, please contact Liz Warner, Co-Director of the School Culture and Climate Initiative.

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