Our Approach

Confident, supported, and connected staff and students

The School Culture and Climate Initiative (Initiative) helps schools become learning environments that are positive and engaging for all, and where the development of a student’s social, emotional, and physical well-being is equally as important as their academic achievement. 

We envision a time when all schools have a positive culture and climate where students feel confident, supported, connected, and ready to take on anything life brings their way. To achieve that goal, we must first cultivate a trusting school community that enhances adults’ professional, social, emotional, and cultural competencies and their capacity to support students. 

Figure 1 illustrates the areas of focus that should be considered when embarking on the school improvement process.  While each of the contributing elements is critical, they are most effective when used together to bring about the desired result – an environment where all students can thrive.

Figure 1

Why Focus on Data?

  • Changes are made based on facts and insights gleaned from those facts
  • Time and resources are expended wisely and are producing the results that are expected

We Are Better Together

Professional learning communities are an integral part of what we do.  By bringing educators together either for ongoing professional development or for networking and mentoring, changes that create sustainable and continuous improvement are more likely to occur.   

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