Why This Work Matters

Students who graduate from schools with a healthy learning environment that promotes social-emotional learning feel more prepared for college, career and life success and are more likely to serve and give back to their communities.

The Initiative’s commitment to school climate improvement and social-emotional learning (SEL) is based on decades of research.

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Our Services

Professional Development and SEL Coaching

All of our PD topics support our commitment to improving a school’s culture and climate and integrating social-emotional and character development in the classroom and school-wide. 

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School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process

When schools join the School Climate Assessment and Improvement Process (SCAIP), they embark on a three-year individualized process with the guidance and support of experts in the field of school climate and social-emotional learning. 

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School Climate Assessment Lab

A data-driven approach ensures that decisions are grounded in facts, that resources are used wisely and that progress can be identified, measured and celebrated. 

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School Support Network

Changing school climate is no easy task, but it can be done with the right resources and when we surround ourselves with other professionals who are committed to achieving the same vision and goals. 

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Our Approach

The Initiative was developed on the premise that schools with healthy and engaging learning environments can only be achieved when a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach is taken.

By bringing educators together either for ongoing professional development or for networking and mentoring, changes are more sustainable and continuous improvement is more likely.

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The School Culture and Climate Initiative…is making a direct impact on all aspects of school culture. Our school is more unified and focused. Our students are happy and eager to attend school. We have witnessed dramatic improvements in our standardized test performance.


The counselors began attending School Support Network meetings three years ago. We immediately knew that this was a group that would create positive change in our schools. It was inspiring and motivating. We invited our administrators to attend the meetings, so they could experience and learn of the benefits. Our building quickly proceeded to work to convince the Superintendent and Board of Ed to sign on, and it has been one of the best decisions our district has done for our schools, staff and students.

-School Counselor

As part of the district’s desire for continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations, we saw this as an opportunity to address aspects that are not purely academic yet have an important and direct impact on the ability of our students to learn.


I LOVE the School Support Network meetings. I look forward to those meetings every month and always come away inspired and better educated and informed. I hope that you can continue to draw people into the fold and, most especially administrators.

-School Counselor

Through our work with the Initiative, we have learned a great deal about student and staff perceptions of our school; this insight allows us to prioritize what really matters to our community and take action to better serve our students.


Working with the … School Culture and Climate Initiative has really opened up the conversation about the culture and climate of our building. Before this initiative we were not having these difficult conversations. Our consultants have helped provide a safe place for staff and students to discuss these issues and really allowed us as a staff team and student team to make the necessary changes so all feel good at work and at school.

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